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KALISTO MATI Ltd. is a property development and construction company with main focus on residential and mixed-use projects

For the 29 years since its establishment KALISTO MATI has developed over 150 residential projects and sold apartments to more than 3 000 clients.

KALISTO MATI employs the most modern engineering and technical solutions as well as the highest quality construction materials. These practices in combination with the strong team of professionals has turned the sign of the company into a symbol of quality.

Outside of the residential development sphere KASLITO MATI has experience in the construction of commercial, industrial, logistic and infrastructure projects, where it has employed the same emphasis on quality intrinsic to all its activities and this is evident from the references the company received. KALISTO MATI has provided a range of services related to the acquisition of land, rezoning, construction, operation and maintenance to a number of foreign companies like RESB (Mall Plovdiv), AKTOR (Trakia highway), PIREAUS BANK (refurbishment of rep offices of the bank), OMV (new petrol stations as well as refurbishment and maintenance of old ones), ATHONIKI THECHNIKI (the municipality of North Greece in Thessaloniki), OTRECO (logistic center) and others.